Our Philosophy

The Perú Fund is a non-sectarian organization that raises money to support community-based projects in rural Peru.

The Perú Fund supports projects that empower communities and provides them with tools to help them become self-sufficient and sustainable. As individuals and families become better able to support themselves and flourish within their rural communities they are less likely to follow the stream of migration to the cities, leaving behind their land and cultural traditions.

We believe that access to clean water is one of the most powerful instruments in fighting poverty. Access to water gives autonomy to a community, allowing its members to lead healthier lives while giving them the ability to guide the means of food production.

We favor projects that depend on the community to carry out the work with women and men being equally involved in the planning, leadership and implementation. This allows the entire community to benefit from the project and truly own the results.

Our Projects in Peru:

Peru Fund Partners

Water Committee member Estafa Mendieta

Water Committee member Estafa Mendieta

Hilda Conde Huamani and Estefa Quispe Mendieta are native to the village of Cuchoquesera. They are both married and spend their days cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, growing crops on their land and taking care of the animals, as well as being responsible for raising their children. Hilda has five children and Estefa has seven.

When Wings of Hope agreed to work with their village in installing a new water system, Hilda and Estefa were elected by their community to serve on the Water Committee.

Perú Fund:  How has building a clean water system in Cuchoquesera changed your daily life?

Hilda: It has changed our lives a lot. With the old water collection system we had very little water. During the months of July, August and September there was no water at all.

Estefa: Then we had to walk far to get water for our families and our animals.

Hilda: It feels like a dream to have a water spigot with water and a sink for washing right outside the door of our home now.

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Andre Franche of Wings of Hope interviews Hilda Huamani about the impact of the new water system on the community of Cuchoquesera.

Perú Fund: Do you think it’s important that there are women on the Water Committee?

Estefa: Yes. As women we feel that we have the responsibility for the care of the water.

Hilda: The women of our village participated in all the activities of the project: digging the trenches, transporting the pipes, cooking for the workers, and so on.

Perú Fund: Has being a member of the Water Committee changed the way the community responds to you?

Hilda: Yes. We feel that being elected to the Water Committee has been a recognition of our value to the community.

Estefa: Little by little, the men are accepting the presence of us women on the Water Committee.

Perú Fund: Now that the new water system has been completed do you think your community will work on other projects together?

Hilda: Yes, the next project – the construction of the dry toilets – is already underway.

Perú Fund: Has your success in completing the water system changed the way you see the future?

Estefa: We feel that we can look forward to a better future for the community and for our children now.

Hilda: I also feel that we have more dignified lives now.

Perú Fund: What other project would you like to see your community work on together?

Hilda: In Chuschi (the capital of the District) we saw some plant nurseries. We would like to create something like that in Cuchoquesera so we can sell plants at the markets in the neighboring villages.
Several times during the interview Estefa and Hilda expressed how thankful they feel to all those who have supported their village from so far away.


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