Current Projects

Through donations from our supporters, The Perú Fund is supporting several remote Peruvian villages in 2016 in reaching their goal of gaining easy access to clean water.


The inauguration of the Unini water project will take place on July 16, 2017. Dorthe Hviid of the Peru Fund will be attending with her husband, Mark Smith and their son, Will Smith, who was born in Peru in 1990. André Franche, from Wings of Hope will also be there to celebrate with the villagers.

The construction of the new water project is progressing well in this community located in the Peruvian Amazonian jungle. Clean water is being collected from a stream located several kilometers from the three villages that make up this community, Cascada Unini, Diamante Azul and José Olaya. The retaining wall at the rear of the photo below helps channel the water to the supply lines that were installed during the summer and fall of 2016.

These concrete tanks house the valves that control the water pressure and shut-offs for the system when maintenance is required. From here the water flows to the main water tank in the village of Cascada Unini through gravity feed lines, then on to smaller water holding tanks in Diamante Azul and José Olaya.


This round holding tank in Cascada Unini holds 2,600 gallons of water for use when the water system is shut off for maintenance. The square tanks hold the controls for the water system and the chlorination of the water. Diamante Azul and José Olaya have separate water holding tanks. The last step will be to instal a sink with a spigot outside each home.


The remote village of Waripercca is located at 12,000 feet above sea level south of the city of Ayacucho in the central Andes Mountains. The 520 adults and children that live in the village have never had easy access to water. Although there are springs in the mountains surrounding Waripercca, it takes several hours of walking and heavy work to carry the water to the village where it is used for drinking, washing, cooking, watering crops and livestock. In the rainy season, which peaks from January through March the villagers  are able to collect rain water, but with rainfall diminishing throughout the Andes, even this is not a reliable water source. With the new water system each home will have access to potable water right outside their front door.

A woman from Waripercca speaking during one of the planning sessions for the new water project.